Workshop Topic Descriptions

Increasing Productivity By Boosting Employee Health And Energy

Exercise, diet, nutrition, sleep, proper posture and body alignment all play significant roles in controlling our energy levels. This talk addresses the common reasons people get low on energy, how to get back your energy if you have lost it and how to maximize your personal performance. This presentation emphasizes the importance of overall wellness and being proactive about one’s health. In addition, it explores some of the common causes of sickness but also how to enhance the body’s ability to heal and keep itself healthy. 

Maximizing Wellness By Reducing Stress

Everyone experiences stress and understanding stress and its impact on our health is the first key to lessening its deadly effects.This talk emphasizes the effects of stress on the body and what can be done to reduce its impact.

Why Sitting For A Living Can Be Dangerous To Your Health & What To Do About It

Constant physical stress from sitting all day behind a desk or computer can be hard on our bodies. This popular topic discusses in detail the latest research on the detrimental health effects of sitting for a living, how to minimize it’s risks and reduce the affects of stress and tension on your body. With a strong focus on exercise, nutrition and body alignment your employees will be inspired to improve their lifestyles for the better.

How Posture Predicts Your Future Health And Wellness

There is much more to posture than first meets the eye. A person’s future health is directly proportional to their present posture and their current posture habits. If we improve our posture now and our work habits that influence them, we can change why it worsens as we age and therefore dramatically improve our future wellness. This workshop emphasizes posture’s effect on the spine and nervous system health, how to improve and maintain great posture and therefore change our future health outlook.

Conquering Neck, Back & Joint Pain Once And For All

Neck pain, back pain and joint pain are universal problems and among the most common reasons people call their doctor. So many people suffer from these problems unnecessarily because they do not know the secrets to get past them. This talk explains the common causes of these conditions, how to correct them and what to do to prevent them from returning. 

Back & Neck Injury Prevention With Safe Lifting 

Due to repetitive movements, constant sitting and heavy lifting, back pain and spine-related injuries are a huge dollar cost item for employers. Here we explain all of the causes of back, neck, shoulder pain and headaches, how they can easily be corrected and exactly how to avoid them. Preventing just one work injury can save employers tens of thousands of dollars and is especially popular for employers whose work environments emphasize prolonged sitting, manufacturing, warehousing, driving and manual labor. 

Nutrition And Stress Reduction

We teach the 3 main types of stress in this workshop and how each affects us in different ways. An interesting aspect of this presentation is discussing how eating different kinds of unhealthy foods stresses our bodies internally causing inflammation which is often at the root of heart disease, high cholesterol and fatigue issues. In addition, we show how stress burdens our nervous systems and how that creates the pain we feel in our bodies.

Maximizing Brain Health: Keys to Enhancing and Protecting Brain Function

This workshop teaches the keys to maximizing brain power and function. It discusses how to promote better cognitive function and overall brain health, improving memory and recall, increasing focus and mental alertness and preventing mental decline and dementia.

7 Wellness Secrets That Will Change Your Life

Based on Dr. Madeira’s book by the same name, this presentation addresses the seven key areas of health improvement that will impact an individual’s health the most. Participants will be challenges to assess each area and choose one or more ares to improve to move their wellness to a new level.

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